• Remedial Massage

    Remedial massage is a holistic therapy comprised of a variety of techniques that help the whole body by identifying and treating the cause of the discomfort or disorder and not just the symptoms. When muscles become knotted, tense or damaged, remedial massage provides appropriate treatment that restores functioning. Through the use of specialised techniques remedial massage supports and speeds up the body's own repair mechanisms to affected muscles, tendons and joints. Remedial massage can assist with general muscle tightness and pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, whiplash, neck and back pain, scoliosis, headaches and sports injuries. Book a treatment now

  • Relaxation Massage

    Relaxation massage is suitable for anyone at any time. It is a smooth, flowing and gentle style of massage that promotes deep relaxation and a sense of calm. The main purpose of relaxation massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release cellular waste products from the muscles. Benefits include:
    reducing stress, both emotional and physical
    reducing blood pressure
    improving circulation and minor muscle tension
    soothing the nervous system
    shortening recovery time from muscular strain
    stretching of ligaments and tendons The techniques usually used in relaxation massage include long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, vibration and gentle rocking. Come and enjoy this experience very soon! Book a treatment now

  • Sports Massage

    Sports massage is designed to prevent and relieve injuries and conditions that are associated with exercise and aids in rehabilitation and recovery. It can be carried out before, during, or after playing sport or exercising and often utilises techniques designed to increase endurance and performance. It minimises the chances of injury and, in the case of injury, it reduces the recovery time. Sports massage has benefits for people who play any sport or do exercise, including those who are regular gym goers, swimmers, cyclists, golfers, tennis players, runners, footballers and soccer players. Sports massage generally is a deeper type of massage and may include stretching and other appropriate techniques. Book a treatment now

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage, as its name says, focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is designed to reach the deep sections of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibres. Slow and firm strokes are applied using direct pressure to the affected deep layers of muscle. The purpose of deep tissue massage is to unstick the fibres of the muscles and release both cellular waste products and deeply held tension points. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, release waste products from muscles and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly. It is both corrective and therapeutic and is beneficial for many physical issues including sports injuries and chronic pain. Deep tissue massage is also an effective treatment for breaking down scar tissue. Because it works very deeply, emotional issues can sometimes arise that are stored in the body at a cellular level. Book a treatment now

  • Myofascial Cupping

    Myofascial cupping is a modified version of the ancient Eastern style of cupping. It differs by specifically targeting the musculo-skeletal system rather than the meridian system. It uses plastic cups and a vacuum pump rather than glass cups and a naked flame to create suction. Cups can be left on one site for a few minutes or moved over the skin. Cream, gel or oil is applied to the skin before placing one or several cups on the body. Cups are left in one position for a few minutes or moved with the intention of stretching the connective tissue underneath the skin. Cupping is pain free and colouring is kept to a minimum. However, in areas where there is a lot of tissue congestion colouring may last for a few days. Myofascial cupping has many benefits including:
    Increased nutrient-rich blood supply to the injured area
    Increased fluid movement that assists in recovery ie reduced swelling
    Passive stretching and realignment of myofascial tissue, resulting in increased range of motion
    The reduction of localised inflammation and aids recovery It is ideal for people for whom the insertion of acupuncture needles poses a problem or risk. It can help with..
    muscular pain and injuries,
    sporting injuries (including ITB syndrome) and plantar fasciitis,
    neck and back pain,
    muscle tightness, strains and sprains. Book a treatment now

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy massage is a combination of relaxation and remedial techniques that are used to assist with the tension/discomfort or pain – (eg lower back pain) that can be experienced during pregnancy. These are often caused by extra body weight and a shift in the centre of gravity. In addition to the nurturing and emotional support provided by pregnancy massage, there are many physical benefits. Pregnancy massage can relieve stress on weight bearing joints (lower back, ankles and hips) and reduce musculoskeletal strain in general. It helps to reduce swelling and lower blood pressure, and assists in preventing insomnia and muscle cramps. Pregnancy massage increases lymph and blood circulation and soothes the nervous system. Care must be taken during the first trimester but pregnancy massage is beneficial throughout the whole pregnancy right up to full term. I use a specially designed pregnancy belly pillow that allows you to lie on your stomach during the massage. This is a comfortable, relaxed and safe position for mother and baby and is suitable for the entire pregnancy. Regular massage throughout the pregnancy is highly recommended Book a treatment now